HERSTORY of Alternative Culture Publishing Co.

Alternative Culture is a Korean feminist network which fosters feminist consciousness through publications, organizing cultural activities and lectures. Established in 1984, Alternative Culture has dedicated to creating "an equal and open society where women and men have true companionships, and children grow up with freedom, through planting a seed of an alternative culture" in Korean society. In 1985, it published the first issue of its annual journal, titled Equal Parent, Liberal Children, and has been publishing one or two issues every year.

        In 1987, Alternative Culture founded an publishing company named Alternative Culture Publishing Co. in order to promote and sell the journal as well as editing and writing. From that time, the company began to publish not only the annual journal but also books related to feminism, education, and cultural theories. Some issues of the annual journal, such as Rewriting Romantic Love Stories made "love and sex" to become the issue of public discussion for the first time in Korean society. Another book which drew public attention was Reading Texts and Everyday Lives in Post-colonial Era by Haejoang Cho. In her outstanding book, Cho criticizes the colonialism in Korean academy, and suggests a cultural theory associating "lives" with "knowledge."  Alternative Culture Publishing Co. is also publishing books for girls since 2002.


         In 2005, she published Our Bodies, Ourselves that provides information about health, sexuality and reproduction, written by Boston Women's Health Book Collective.


The list of its published annual journal is as follows:

 1. Equal Parents, Free Children (1985) 

 2. Open Society, Autonomous Women (1986)

 3. Feminist Literature (1987)  4. Dominant Culture / Male Culture (1988)

 5. Oppressing Education, Growing Children (1989) 

 6. Housewives: The Interruptions and Liberation (1990)

 7. Rewriting Romantic Love Stories (1991) 

 8. Rewriting the Stories of Korean Sexuality (1991)

 9. Women Make Women in Words (1992) 

10. The World that I Hope to Live In (1994)

11. Rewriting the Stories of Marriage 1 (1996)

12. Rewriting the Stories of Marriage 2 (1996)

13. Rewriting the Stories of Teenagers 1 (1997)

14. Rewriting the Stories of Teenagers 2 (1997)

15. Women Finding a Job, Changing the World (1999)

16. Women's Body, Women's Age (2001)

17. Whom to Live With: Rewriting Korean Families (2003)

Some of its recent publications are as follows:

Our Bodies, Ourselves for the New Century by Boston Women's Health Book Collective, translated and adapted by TomoonMomsalimtu (2005)

Male Feminists by Tom Digby, trans. Yonju KimGo et al. (2004)

Science Book for Girls and Other Intelligent Beings by Valerie Wyatt, trans. Minkyung Kim (2003)

Menarche Party: A Girls' Guide to Happy Menstruation by Jieun Roh et als. (2002) 

I Got Flowers Today: Domestic Violence and Women's Rights by Hee Jin Jeong (2001)



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